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Vox Cooltron CT04TB Over the Top Boost
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Vox Cooltron CT04TB Over the Top Boost

Prezzo: €169.00

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Blast your tone over the edge and back. The OTTB puts the top boost channel of a VOX AC30 into an effect pedal. The Treble control can take your tone from cutting attack at one extreme to smooth and liquidy at the other, while the Bass control adds low-end girth at higher settings and a warm round smoothness at lower settings. The OTTB even comes with a Cut control to add or remove higher frequencies at the turn of a knob. Vary the overall gain of the pedal from bluesy and mellow to fat and saturated. Or use the Standard/Custom switch to either make the EQ very interactive in Standard mode, or have it behave more like a traditional AC30 Hand Wired in Custom mode. You can use the Vox OTTB as a booster pedal to drive the input of your amp by setting the Gain low and the Volume high. Conversely, set the Gain high and the Volume low for an overdrive from the pedal itself. Want to know how it all works? Normally, tubes are used at high voltages and this restricts their use in battery-powered devices such as guitar effects pedals. Historically, attempts have been made to use tubes at low voltages in what has been dubbed "starvation" mode, but these circuits don't allow the tube to function in an acceptable manner. The tube simply cannot be biased to a satisfactory operating condition. Plus, the necessary heater (filament) current is too high to deliver acceptable battery life. Imagine how annoying it would be to have to change batteries every ten minutes during a gig!

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